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What were you doing!! people have visited this site before you!!!

Oui    C'est    moi!       Romybhatt!!!

Hoy! Bonjour, Hello, Konnichiwa, etc...  Hey everyone ;'> My
name is Romash Bhatt, and I'm a full pure blooded Indian living in 
Japan!At least I believe thats true, for all I know, people may be 
making a fool of me and telling me that this is Japan when in fact 
its some other remote part of the world..zzzzz(You must be falling
asleep now *yawn*)  Oh well, until now, I've  never  found  anyone 
contradicting my belief that this is Japan so I  may as well trust 
this belief.  Aaaaaaanyways, I'm an Indian living in Tokyo,  Japan 
(Didn't I mention that????)  I'm 18 years old...Yes, I'm still 18, 
although sometimes I have a lot of suspicion regarding this subject 
because I never act like a normal 17 year old.  I act either very
childish or very mature. (Hey I can THINK that can't I??) Oh well..
as you can see I'm exactly "strange"  whatever that may mean... Oh,
and another fact about me!  I'm a hopeless romantic...(can't believe
what all those Indian movies do to you!)  And I use  "Oh well...." 
a LOT!  Oh well...(See, there it goes!)thats my personality and I 
can't change it ;'>

I was born in India to be the only son of my parents, and the
only people I can call my brothers and sisters are my cuzins,  all 
handsome and beautiful.  And so, as a result, I have a loooooot of 
brothers and sisters,  what  with  my  father and mother both from 
extremely large families ;'>.  Hmm... I even wrote a college essay 
on this subject ;')

I came to Japan when I was two years old and from then on have 
been living here.  But I go to India every  year  for  about  three 
months.  First,  when I arrived in  Japan, I lived in Osaka,  and I 
attended a Japanese kindergarten there.   After  receiving  such  a 
brilliant education in japanese liberal arts,  (ahem...... Japanese
included...)Oh well, after that, my parents decided to enter me into
an  elementary  school.  (Dunno why Doooh)  The  elementary  school, 
Santa Maria School, located in Tokyo, shaped my future and started my
long affiliation with the name of the school... I simply do not know 
why, but then, I entered Saint Mary's International School for both 
middle and high school education,  also located in Tokyo, which had 
absolutely no relationship with the Santa Maria International School..
I simply ended up there and as it was a mens only school, one thing I
learned in the school was to become deathly afraid of all species of 
the opposite gender, excluding my ever beautiful cuzins of cuz!   Oh
well,  from then on, I dunno how my dull life will turn out...  I'll 
get into some college, and then I'll remember that saint Mary's made 
me shy, or was it Santa Maria?  Whichever..But both were good schools
I have to admit, at least I made reeaaaally long-lasting friends  ;'>  
And thats what counts!
Oh well, if you managed to get through this meaningless piece of 
gibberish (for you I mean!)than you may as well get to know  me  more 
*yawn*, this boring ol' shy guy.The hopeless romantic...the meanigless 
guy next door.

ICQ:    8853573