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Jason Asato's Homepage: A homepage of an artist dealing with computer graphics and a BIT of satire!! Jason Asato is my friend from high school and also the creator of the logo of this homepage. I definitely reccommend his "sense of humour!!"
Kentarou no Homepage: A college friend, Ken always surprises me with his versatility and "in-born" instinct to get the laugh out of people...And he doesn't even know he's competing with me!!
Vincent's Musical Homepage!: Another site by a friend of mine. If you like Oasis, OR the Beatles OR U2 you won't regret this side-track...
Stacy's Land of Dreams: A friend from my high school years, Stacy is a superintellectual with the rare asset of being a beauty and a joker with an infallible sense of humour and le timing..In her homepage, she is full power!
Ken Nagao's Lounge: A site designed by the Incredible Hulk of our school. This guy is perfect, and in his homepage he shows how to be so...And believe me...he HAS the body to be talking about weightlifting!
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This logo was created and provided by JASON ASATO

Lets go forward

Photos of Me In Action: If you want to see me that is, which you probably don't want to do!!
New Photos De Moi: Sweet fresh little Eighteen Plain Romeo...??!!
Childhood Photos De Moi: I'm still a big child, but these are from when I still LOOKED like one!
Zee About Me Section: As you're here, just take some knowledge of me home as a souvenir ;')
The Chatroom: Oh well, its a place to mutually communicate with aliens from everywhere else.
Excellence Awards!!!: Believe it or not but this meaningless homepage managed to get an award!
MY Banners: Lalalalala~ Yup, I have banners. I know they are nonsense, but I can brag can't I??
Experimental Photography: Background designs that I made using some of the pictures I've taken.
My View of Life: Some of the black and white pictures taken by me for my photography class
Links Connection: Links from one end of the universe to the other...(Its a sad comment I know!)

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Romy Bhatt